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Lost shoes, missing homework, that school tie that has legs and walks away and don’t forget the school dinner money payment! Monday mornings, in fact any school morning, is crazy busy with the hustle and bustle of six people trying to get ready for the day. Sound familiar? Does the start to your day drive you mad before you have even left the house? Well not anymore, follow my super simple steps below for staying organised with a family.


Sunday nights

It all starts on a Sunday night in our house. It’s the first of “school nights” as there is school the next day and so some simple steps are taken to keep us organised.

School bags

First thing I get the children to do on a Sunday evening around 6-7 pm is get their school bags ready. This includes homework completed and put in bag, reading journals out and signed, PE bags packed (even if not needed for Monday, still get them prepped for the week and placed at the end of the bed), any other equipment needed for that week put at the end of the bed too, for example Jack has food technology so he may need a plastic container for class. Check the calendar for any upcoming events too, such as non-uniform day, a club, parents evening etc. Pack accordingly. Buss passes must be found too! It’s all in the small details.


All school uniform must be gathered together ready for the morning, including those walking school ties! It amazes me how far those ties can travel around a room and where they end up most of the time. I don’t have time in the morning to search for them. School shoes are another item that somehow move and walk by themselves, so they are paired ready in the front porch. Think about getting your own clothes ready for the next morning, even if you don’t go to work. Plan what outfit you would like to wear and give yourself another 10 minutes in bed.

family friendly, free advice to stay organised.



Now it doesn’t matter if the children have a packed lunch (shudder, I hate making lunches) or a school canteen lunch getting it organised is key. For packed lunches make sure its made the night before and popped in the fridge. Stick a note to their school bag or the front door so they don’t forget it, and this can save so much time in the morning, especially if you have run out of something. For school canteen lunches we must top up a lunch card. I do this on a Sunday night with a budget for the week for the boys. If they spend it, then they make their own lunch!


Travel arrangements

The boys travel by public bus to school and so I need to make sure that their bus passes are valid. This isn’t usually a Sunday night thing because I top it up monthly to coincide with payday, however I do need to make sure around payday it is topped up. A reminder set on my phone helps with this. Have a think about your travel arrangements is there any way you could make it go smoother by getting it organised the night before, once a week or once a month maybe.


Meal planner

Plan your meals for the week ahead thinking about any events you may have.

I am not a cook, in fact I hate cooking, but the family does need to be fed and so to keep me organised I create a meal plan each week. Then, I use this plan to form a shopping list, get it delivered and generally stick to the meals throughout the week. Shortly, I will be doing a more in-depth post about our meal planning, so keep an eye out for it in the future. Once I know what I’m cooking, the ingredients are ready in the cupboards/fridge I find cooking much more pleasurable and less stressful. So, get planning your meals!


Check your calendar

On a Sunday, with my meal planner in mind too, I have a look at the week ahead and make a note in my bullet journal of what is coming up. Do I need to be somewhere? Is my husband going to be late any nights? Does anything coincide with each other? What about the children’s school calendars? Once I’ve checked it, I think is there anything I can do now to organise those appointments? Maybe childcare, booking taxis, planning in an extra meal, just take a moment to think can you organise any of it now.


Hair wash!

This one reminds me of being a child when my Mum used to wash my hair every Sunday and now I get it! My daughter’s hair is very long, down to her bottom in fact and it takes ages to wash, dry and style it and so we do this on a Sunday when we have much more time in the evening and we are both less stressed! It’s the simple changes that can make a huge difference when trying to be organised with a family.


Set the alarms

Alarm clock
Don’t forget to set those alarm clocks!

Don’t forget to set those alarm clocks!

Every night I check the boy’s alarms are set and on. I cannot stand starting my day hollering from my bed “Jack, Dylan, Adam time to get up, you’re going to be late” blah blah blah. I feel tetchy every time I’ve had to do it, I much rather a “morning, how are you? Did you sleep well?” And despite the same wake up time every day, somehow their bodies just don’t seem to remember what time to get up. They also have 2 alarms. The first is a beep to wake up, the second is the radio and they must get up or risk being late once they have heard it.



Getting started

Simple changes to your routine can have a huge impact on being organised and feeling less stressed. Start with just one or two things, feel the benefits and then make some more changes. Being organised with a family is essential for your sanity in my opinion. Give the above ideas a go and let me know below with a comment how you get on.

Enjoy being organised
Jemma Louise Mc xx


family friendly, free advice to stay organised.

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