New to blogging in 2018!

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A new blog for me to share with you all

Wow! Don’t I feel a little late to the party, the blogging party that is. I’ve been looking for something different to do this year, something to expand me as a person and push me out of my super comfy comfort zone I’ve been in for years and this could be it! I’m new to blogging, I’ve cut back my hours at work for these next few weeks and so now is the perfect time to start something new.

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So why start a new blog?

Well, I thought it would be a great dumping ground for my thoughts, pictures, memories, ideas and life journey, so if you want to join me along the way then great, buckle up and enjoy the ride, lets get this party started. So, today. Today, is the day I started my blog, granted it is not the most exciting day I’ve ever had but I didn’t feel stressed with work or the kids, not too tired, feeling well, house is tidy, went for a walk in the woods and the laptop has some charge left in it, so actually this is a damn good day ! I don’t work on Fridays at the moment (or Mondays) its part of my ‘trying to regain work/life balance’ and its working. Due to the nature of my day job, a teaching assistant, I won’t go into great details about it but unfortunately the#work/life balance tipped far too much to work and looking back, its been going that way for the past 16 month and the Nov/Dec term really took it out of me. Thankfully we came to an agreement and we are working on the situation and I only do Tuesday-Thursday. The knock-on effect of this on my family and I has been tremendous, honestly it came at the right time and has been fantastic in regaining some control over my life. We are all so genuinely much happier. I hope it stays this way.

Weekend plans…Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness workshop is what I’m attending on Sunday and I can’t tell you how #nervous I am about going. It’s not something I have ever done before, or would have dreamed of going to but new year, new beginnings and this seemed like a good place to start. The workshop is at a place I know and with people I know but I’ve got no idea what to expect. The title caught my eye and something inside me said just go for it. So after much debating with myself and feeling selfish for not doing a family thing on a Sunday, I booked myself in and will report back…….


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