I really miss my daughter!

Firstly, let me start by saying she is fit and well and staying at Nanny’s house! But she has spent the whole half term at the in-laws house and I really miss my daughter!

miss my daughter

This half term the grandparents asked if the kids could go over and stay, each of the boys taking a turn but for Chloe to be there for the week. I was not keen at first as I don’t really like the kids being away but with so much DIY to be done I could see it would make sense and to be honest, the children were dying to go over so, yes, of course they could go. Chloe went on the day they broke up with Jack, who came back Tuesday and swapped with the other 2, whilst Chloe is still there till Saturday when they all return. Now don’t get me wrong I miss them all so much when they are gone, and the house does not feel the same at all. Despite the arguing, moaning and constant eating I miss the hustle and bustle of a busy house. But she is my right-hand girl! We are together all day, every day, doing everything together. We even go to work/school together!

miss my daughter miss my daughter

I enjoy spending time with all the kids and each one of them offers you something different when you are together, but the boys are older, Mum is boring, Mum isn’t a school friend or a computer! Mum is always there, and they don’t need/want to be with me, they would rather spend time with their friends at this age, their choice not mine. They also have each other for company and I think this is what Chloe misses, she wants a buddy, a play friend, for her that’s me. So not having her around during half term is awful, I miss her soo much. Honestly I can’t wait for her to be home, for her to sneak into my bed in the morning for her cheeky cuddle before she goes downstairs, for her smile and giggles to rattle through the house, for her independence and stubbornness to test my patience every hour and most importantly those snuggles she demands at every most inconvenient minute you can imagine, picture me standing at the dishwasher with dirty plates in my hands trying to keep the dog from licking the plates bending over scraping food off the floor and she will want a hug then, right there and then!

Reality is though, we will have a wonderful reunion, lots of cuddles, lots of giggles and stories about what she has done and then BOOM! “Mum, can I have a yoghurt?” “Mum, can I have a drink?” “Mum, he won’t let me play!” “MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!” “Mum, you said you would play with me, can we do it now?” (9pm at night!)

Hahaha, oh the joys of it all but still, I cannot wait to have all my babies home when normal Mum duties can be resumed, and I wait for the next half term…

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