Half term has begun……

Half term for all the family

Working in a school means that half term is double the fun! My children get to spend time with us, well the Xbox if they have their way, I get to spend time with them AND I don’t have to work.

This half term is a little odd though, it started with an anxious trip to the dentist to be sedated to have 2 teeth pulled out, followed by 2 of my children going to the in-laws for a mini holiday. Not the usual start to the holidays but a start at least. The rest of the holidays involves a long list of DIY stuff for me and my husband, juggling children and several appointments, not to mention #Valentines day!! This holiday needs to be 2 weeks to fit it all in. I always find that Christmas is such a busy full on time that when you’ve completed the germ filled January term one week off is not enough. Most of us are getting over illness or coming down with it!






Anyway, whilst we are on half term we are hoping to complete the downstairs toilet, I will post some before, during and after pictures for you all to see and I would love to know what you think so please comment below. Once the toilet is done we don’t plan on redoing it in the next few years other than touch ups so we’ve gone for something clean, classic and easy to maintain. We’ve got some other bits to do too such as shelving, lighting, prep work etc around the house so I’ll update the blog with some of those pictures too.

Tile shopping
Let the tiling commence…




For now I’m in recovery mode and still on soft mushy food, the kids are ploughing their way through the cupboards, the dogs been bathed and my hubby is gearing up for the work to be done! What have you got planned?

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(Pictures to follow)

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