5 top tips for saving money.

Money saving

Money issues getting you down? Looking for ways to start saving money?

money saving coffee
You can save £££ by swapping your coffee shop drink for a home take out.


Money, money, money. Like it or not we need it, how much each month is debatable, but for sure, most of us would like a bit more to spend or save. Wouldn’t you? I definitely would love to save more money.


Even a quick trip to the shops can cost you an extra £10 at least if you are not careful. Imagine, you go to the shops with a friend and head to the Cafe. A coffee for the two of you, oh and it’s 11 am so you need a quick nibble of something to keep you going till lunch. BOOM! £10 gone (at least).


It is so easily done, but don’t worry I’ve got the best top tips for saving money. Only a few adjustments, a change of thought and you can save money straight away. Are you in? Great, lets do this then.




Points to note

Now, don’t get me wrong I would love to give you the secret to huge savings and how to create a stock pile of cash but hey, that is not going to happen, I don’t know it. I’m a Mum to 4 children aged 15 and under, a family dog, a house to run, a car to maintain and a husband who likes to fish, not to mention my hobbies list. I’m never going to be a millionaire overnight, unless I win the lotto. Doing the lotto would help though.

Money saving
Think about what you can afford.

Anyway, my point is, I’m just going to help you save some extra cash for those family days out, the new restaurant you would like to try, the holiday fund etc. But you know what, all the money saving you can do adds up and it can add up fast. So start slow and steady, a little tweak here and there and soon your cash pot will fill up.

Money saving tip 1- Cafe spending

Coffee, tea, any beverage really, do you REALLY need it? I know, I love hot drinks too but think of it this way. A coffee is usually around the £3 price mark, I’m not even going to start with the extras such as biscuits, sandwich, snack or buying for a friend etc that is for another day, and you go to town once a week, every week. Lets add that up, £3 x 52 weeks = £156!!  Yes you can save £156 if you give up that weekly coffee. Imagine if you have one everyday on the way to work, that is over £720 spent on coffee (I’ve given a few weeks off for holiday time.) It’s crazy money that you can save easily. Buy yourself a lidded cup and make your own before work or at least cut back and maybe go just once a month. Top tip: Every time you don’t buy a coffee, put the money into a jar and then you can visually see it add up. Creating a page in your bullet journal could help you log the money saved too.



Coffee cup money saving
Take out from home or drink in at the cafe? Save your money and take out!

Money saving tip 2- Loyalty cards

Money saving. Loyalty card shopper
A great money saving tip is to join up to retailers card schemes.

So, we do still need to shop and buy things but lets save money whilst doing it. Loyalty cards are a great way to get an extra bonus if you were having to shop there anyway. Think of the coffee money saving tip above. Even if you go once a month, have their loyalty card and every couple of months/purchases you will be able to have a coffee for free! Most shops, cafes and retailers have some sort of loyalty card scheme, if its not collecting points for freebies it’ll be discounts for purchases etc. Top tip: Saving points for special occasions is a double bonus, eg Boots points collected


throughout the year for use at Christmas time when they do 3 for 2 offers!



Money saving tip 3- Price match/compare

Price matching or comparing can be done on almost anything you buy but its not always worth the hassle for such small purchases, unless you want to save every penny possible and that’s OK, but for me I usually price match/compare larger items. When I say larger items, I’m talking about things that can be bought in multiple shops, online mainly, for example the latest book, a new kettle, large electrical item etc. Start with one retailer, get an idea of the price and then type it into your search engine and see what else pops up! Amazon is always my starting point as I’m a prime member I can get it quick, but do shop around. John Lewis offers a price match, you can do it online just check the conditions on their page. If you are not sure, then just ask! Ask the retailer do they price match, not many advertise it well….hmmm I wonder why? Top tip: Don’t forget postage. Oh my goodness, how many times did I think it was cheaper somewhere only to get to the checkout and find its more than double the price thanks to postage. Arghhhh so annoying.

Money saving. Postage room
Postage costs can escalate, so remember to check and factor in the cost too!


Money saving tip 4- Cashback sites

Now this tip goes hand in hand with tip number 3. You have price matched your item, got a good deal, postage is reasonable, now go to a cashback site such as Quidco and see if you can get some money back after you have made your purchase as well. How cool is that? There maybe other cashback sites so have a look around, check your bank too. Barclays offers a reward scheme, so others may do too. These top tips are only costing you your time but could really save you money on each purchase. Keep a note of it in a journal or put the money saved into a savings account. Watch it grow over a year.


Money saving tip 5- App store

Money saving tip
Nearly everyone has an app these days offering discounts and freebies.

Yes, even the app store on your phone can save you money! So many retailers, attractions, restaurants etc have their own apps now. They each offer you something different ranging from a free gift, money off coupons, discounts and more. This could be harder to tell how much exactly you can save, but it does save you money. Here are some examples of apps that I use to get discount;

Toby Carvery- collect food stamps for discounts, kids eat for £1, free coffee and it goes on

Frankie and Benny’s – 40% off mains, £15 off call and collect service

Kids pass– a little different this one as you pay for a membership but then receive so many discounts and you can use as many times as you like. Up to 40% off my local cinema has been such a money saver this half term alone. You can try it out at £1 for 30 days! How awesome is that?

Top tip: please check each app for the most up to date offers


How much money could you save?

Saving money is about rethinking, tweaking a few things, making changes and sticking to them. Don’t make it boring, be inventive, think of new ways to do something and watch your savings grow. Record it on a chart in your bullet journal or open a new account to put the money in. Either way, keep a track of your new savings and have a goal in mind for what you will do with the funds, how much would you like to save? It will encourage you to stick to it if you use a visual representation too eg. a postcard of your favourite destination to visit stuck to the fridge (I really need to listen to my own advice more but I am trying and that’s what counts.)


Saving money in Piggy banks
Fill that piggy bank with all the money saved from these helpful top tips.


These top money saving tips are just a start, I would love to hear what you do to save money. What top tips do you have?

Have a look at my top tips before you go out too for more money saving ideas.

Saving money for a Beach holiday view
Keep your dreams close by to keep you motivated

Enjoy and share your money saving dreams too!

Jemma Louise Mc xx



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