About our family

Why we are here doing this?

We are a family of six creating memories online. This blog will be a place of all the memories we are creating as a family, the good, the bad and the ugly included too! It’ll be somewhere for us to reflect on whilst the rest of the world giggles at us and realises that their own family life is perfectly normal, whatever normal is these days! We hope to share some helpful parenting advice we have learned along the way, offer you different ways to save money whilst creating some beautiful crafts for you all to join in with.


Notepad for ideas
Sharing memories online

Want to find out more about our family?

Have a read of my blog post that introduces us all here.


I’m hoping we can all learn something along the way and share our knowledge and experiences with each other. I can’t wait to get started on this journey.

Jemma Louise Mc xx




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