A little bit of me time.

We should all have some me time!

Sunday 4th February was a day where I took 3 hours just for me! No-one else, no child hanging around, no husband asking for things, no dog with pitiful eyes waiting to go out, not even my mobile phone was aloud (or the smartwatch!) I had 3 hours with a group of like minded people learning something new. I went on a #mediation#relaxation #mindfulness course. Now this in its self is a whole new thing for me, never would I go searching for something like this, attend an unfamiliar event, let alone fully participate. But I did. I had too, see work was crazy before Christmas, in fact since last September and it took over everything, my every moment was revolving around work, what happened, what was said or done, how I was treated, my children were worried, my husband at the end of his tether with my rollercoaster of emotions, I was crying all the time, not sleeping, the housework was getting out of hand, basically my work/life balance was completely tilted towards work and I couldn’t do it anymore. Thankfully a compromise was made and we are working through it but for this year I decided to make some #goals for me. I haven’t done this before, its always been about the family/house etc. but I needed this and when I least expected it an advert popped up on Facebook from the eldest sons martial art dojo advertising a meditation, relaxation and mindfulness course. It seemed to be fate so I jumped at it and booked myself on the course and I’m soo glad I did. It was a wonderful experience. We started with some simple stretching and breathing techniques and worked our way through a programme that included #chanting#chakra cleansing, #relaxing positions and finally a deep #mindfulnessexercise. It was a great introduction to various practices and I learnt how to do these at home too which is something I definitely want to continue. I felt such peace and yet energised at the same time. Integrum personal development were the hosts and I highly recommend them, they were informative, patient and provided a safe environment where you felt very comfortable to #letitgo and join in, so thank you guys. I’m looking forward to the next event.

As for me and my #goals well I’m working on the list. Its not easy to prioritise yourself above your husband, your four children and the dog!

 2018 goals so far…

  • Learn a new skill to help relax
  • Try new things and don’t talk yourself out of them!
  • Build my confidence by completing mini challenges……..
  • Have a skincare routine
  • Keep up with my bullet journal and instagram
  • To be continued…….

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